Senior Management

Senior Management

Senior management recognized trends, Instilled goodwill among customers, and devoted thelr strengths toward making the Jet Aviation a premier aircraft parts broker. Using tact, nsght, and diligence, management grew the Company to be in a tenable position to aauire BSEL, which will vertically integrate the Company’s operations to leading OEM manufacturers In the airplane component industry.

The following employees have been instrumental to Jet Aviation’s success and are indispensable to the Company’s future:

Allen Beni, President

Mr. Beni has been the President and Sole Owner of Jet Aviation Components & Aircraft International, Inc. since its inception December 1985. Previously, Mr. Beni owned Professional Modification Services, Inc. (PMS), which employed 400 Individuals and specialized In maintenance of commercial airplanes and engineering (STC). Mr. Beni developed the STC for stage 2 of 707 and DC-8 Hush kit during his tenure as Chairman of the Board and CEO of the company from its Inception. Mr. Beni sold PMS to his own employees in April 1990. Mr. Beni also owns Pasco International, Inc. and is marketing representative of China Airlines for aircraft, heavy maintenance overhaul. He is also involved in a joint venture partnership with China Northern Airlines and China Southern Airlines

Sharon Taoz, Jet Executive Management

Ms. Taoz started with Jet Aviation Components & Aircraft International, Inc. in 1990, and became Vice President In 1999. She Is responsible for the acquisition and purchasing of technical spare parts inventories both In the U.S. and abroad, Ms. Taoz also oversees the sales and maintenance of specialized accounts In the Mediterranean area.

The Company Promise

We provide our customers with a complete range of services, timely and knowledgeable responses, new solutions to problems, and reliable products at fair prices.