About Us


Jet Aviation Components & Aircraft International (JAC) was incorporated in 1985, and has grown to become a leading supplier of products and services to the aerospace industry throughout the world.

Jet Aviation Components & Aircraft International's primary customers are passenger, charter, cargo airlines (both those operating domestically and overseas and aircraft brokers.

Jet Aviation Components & Aircraft International Inc. is involved in a range of activities for its customers

Among them are:

A. Distribution of Parts & Equipment.

B. Performance of high technology services.

In order to service its customers, let Aviation Components & Aircraft International Inc. has established representatives throughout the United States, the Pacific Rim and Europe and have offices in Hong Kong, Beijing & Shenyang, China.

Jet Aviation Components management and staff personnel is dedicated to the fulfillment of an ambitious corporate mission. This mission is embodied in our commitment to:

1. Infuse excellence, integrity, creativity, and innovation into our production service, and business activities.

2. Provide our customers with a complete range of services, timely and knowledgeable responses, new solutions to problems, and reliable products at fair prices.

3. Recognize the value and contribution of our employees.

Our commitment to excellence entails that, as a company, we will constantly strive for superior growth and profitability. To achieve this goal, we are guided by strategic objectives that include attainment of a leadership role in our principal markets development of new proprietary products and the pursuit of both acquisitions and internal development for growth.

It is our great pleasure to introduce Jet Aviation Components & Aircraft International Inc. Our current customers know that they can trust us to provide the highest quality products and services available. We are determined to demonstrate to new customers that this trust is indeed warranted, Since the founding of our company we have focused our energy and effort on integrity, reliability, service and initiative. Our reputation is built on our pride in our work and a firm desire for continued growth through quality performance.

Mr. Allen Beni has been the President and sole owner of Jet Aviation Components & Aircraft International, Inc. since its formation in 1985, which is engaged primarily in the purchase, sale, and or lease of aircraft and aircraft engines. We are also involved in the purchase, sale, lease and exchange of aircraft parts, APU's, rotable components avionics and instruments for commercial aircraft. We have been certified as a 00-56 facility since 2001 and are ASA approved.

Our subsidiary, Pasco International, is marketing representative of China Airlines EGMT for aircraft heavy maintenance and turbine engine overhaul plus are involved in a joint venture partnership with China Northern Airlines and China Southern Airline named Synor-A which is a pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-mechanical, instrument and avionics repair station located in Shenyang, China.

Mr. Allen Beni, owner and President of JAG previously owned Professional Modification Services, Inc, which employed 500 employees and specialized maintenance of commercial airplanes and engineering (STC). Mr. Beni developed the ST for stage 2 of 707 and DC-8 Hush Kit. Mr. Beni sold the company to his own employees, after serving as Chairman of the Board and CEO. of the company from its inception. This company is now known as Avborne, Mr. Beni also owned Jet Avionics Inc. from its inception, which was an aircraft parts brokerage house from 19NI until its sale in the year 1996 to Jet Aviation Trading/Aviation Holdings inc.

The company's offices and 35,000 square feet of modern warehouse facility are located at 19599 D. 10 Avenue, North Miami, Florida 33179.

In the aviation industry there is no room for luck. We take no chances ur shortcuts, that is why we are recognized for our expertise and experience. So the next time you have a requirement, let us be your source. We would like to earn your trust.

The Company Promise

We provide our customers with a complete range of services, timely and knowledgeable responses, new solutions to problems, and reliable products at fair prices.